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Schools, Park Districts and Corporate Health Events 
TFS programs are developmentally, safe, effective and fun. Program/seminars can be tailored to fit your need. The program teaches teamwork, confidence and problem solving with a variety of gymnastics and sports acrobatics skills, while promoting healthy living and eating choices.
The youth will be categorized into three groups:

  • Beginning: Participant has no tumbling ability
  • Intermediate: Participant should be able to perform backwards roll, round off and cartwheels
  • Advance: Participant should be able to perform proper forward and back flip-flops, summersault and some knowledge of working on mini-trampoline. 

Will be given to children with previous gymnastics experience to determine level of placement. At the end of each session, performance evaluations are completed for each child based on the curriculum for the level. This helps to determine mobility between levels and allows the child and parent to know how their child is doing. Generally, 80% proficiency at the current level is required to advance. 
Example of 12 Wk Course: (Courses will be tailored to meet the need of our clients)

1st Week - Get to know you! - Students/Director/Parents
3rd - 4th Week - Basic front roll, back roll, cartwheel and round offs
5th - 9th Week - Hand spring, back summersaults and back toss-ups
10th - 11th Week - Mini-Trampoline
12th Week - Students should be ready to put on a show

Tumbling For Success Inc. 
   We don’t put emphasis on tumbling, we put emphasis on SUCCESS!
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